Arm guard made of cow suede leather with 2 adjustable straps

  • ART#BM-98
  •  cow suede leather arm guard Tension occupies the mind of target shooter and hunters alike, just before they release the perfect shot. Pulse products are designed with unique features to help calm and help you execute one-perfect shot

  • Fully adjustable strap system

  • Lightweight, flexible material

  • Perfect for target shooting or hunting

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  • Constructed of durable cordura material

  • Ventilation provides proper air-flow during target practice and out on the hunt

  • Velcro design to ensure a secure but comfortable-fit

  • Adjustable Velcro arm straps

  • Great accessory for any traditional archer using a recurve bow, traditional bow, or longbow

  • Arm Guard 100% pure cow suede leather


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